The Wolfmaier’s year of 2019 described with pictures

These are some pictures describing the year.

Nothing like a little fire to start off the year!
We also got some things done inside, here the old chimney was checked on.
We managed to build a little slope with much of the snow on our driveway.
But the flowers came after the snow this year.
Playing in the sand at the lake.
Playing at the lake is always fun, until one gets wet.
Finally I’m removing the last leaves from the lawn.
Our daughter is enjoying painting her room.
This was the end result.
The flowers always make us happy.
The morning light is a joy to wake up to.
Trying to sneak away.
The first tree blooming.
We added a new section to our garden, here the potatoes are being planted.
Sunset at the lake.
One thing we enjoy a lot is going to Skånes Djurpark. Here we are at Shaun the Sheep land.
The lynx is checking us out.
Spring brings out the best in our place.
The fire at Valborg’s night.
A little walk at Skäralid, a part of the National park Söderåsen.
We went to the open preschool that the church has, here our son made many solders.
We went to the farm when the lambs were let out on pasture, our little son really enjoys petting them.
Typical German spring food.
The greenhouse is coming together this year too.
And the roses are nice too.
The hedgehog is waiting for me to go away.
Just a few weeks later everything is growing fast.
Then we went to Hönö, and were blessed with this bicycle that we borrowed.
The inlet to Gothenburg in the background.
Our tent was really nice.
The new playground at Skäralid.
In Eslöv one can encounter trains close up.
Now we are heading north, here we are making a break at Vättern.
Brahehus is a great place for the kids to play.
On the ferry to Åland where we visited some friends.
Back home we barely didn’t recognise our greenhouse.
One more trip to Skånes Djurpark
We did some more excursions in Skåne, here we went to Glimmingehus.
Thunderstorm moving across the land.
Only the meet and some of the herbs are not from our garden.
As Johannes turned 40 in October it had to be celebrated. We moved the festivities to August though.
The grill was all filled up.
The carnival came to town, not our town this time though but Susanna’s parents.
This sunflower just decided to grow on our parking lot.
Waiting for mother in Malmö, the rain made us stay in a doorway.
Playing at the open preschool, here it is time for dinner with the leopard.
This year the water was low in the autumn again, perfect ground for building small channels at the shore.
And a harbour.
The treehouse got started.
Sunsets at our place are magical, here with the first frost.
At the end of the year our daughter was part of a drum-performance in Höör.
Christmas cookies were made.
Our house was decorated with lights.
Then a storm came and took out one tree.
I removed it right away just to be safe.