The Wolfmaier’s year of 2020 described with pictures

These are some pictures describing the year.

Clearing ground for this year’s big project.
These flowers usually are a forebearer of snow… not this year though.
We got a moderate storm, the broken tree ended up hanging high up in the air.
This tree also broke.
To get some winter-feeling we went ice-skating.
At the skate-place they dump the snow created outside, the only true place to play in the snow here.
When there isn’t snow one can climb a tree instead.
Actually we did get some snow, just not more than this and it was gone by lunch.
Spring came with restrictions (less activities for the kids) and growing hope of life.
It just didn’t work for all of us, one of our cats died and we made a nice grave in the garden.
The lush green of spring.
This really is a great way of preparing a meal.
Our rhododendron is beautiful again.
We made an excursion to one really nice nature-reserve Rövarkulan (Robber Den) with this little creek.
And this year we had a hedgehog again.
We also went to Vanås, a really beautiful park with plenty of art.
This is the closest to a trip abroad we made this year, we made a short roundtrip on the Ferry to Helsingør, didn’t leave the ship there.
We did it during our two days stay in Helsingborg, where we among other things visited this medieval tower.
In the tower one could try appropriate clothes.
I finally got a shot of a rainbow from our window.
We have plenty of deer, but one must search a bit to see it.
The cherry-harvest that we brewed wine of.
We visited some friends, it is nice to go by boat.
We also had some friends visiting, we went to some old lime-quarry.
As the summer was nice and warm we went to the beach, here by Ängelholm. The bird you see standing on the water is standing on an island we made in the shallow water.
Johannes made a road-trip. Here at Flatruet, last time he was there it looked like this:


An orchid we got started blooming again, this was a first, normally they just die after a few years.
Visiting Skånes Djurpark was one of the things that were still possible, here we are saying hi to the bear.
Finally we were done with the big project, our chicken coop, and now our new friends moved in.
This year we had this leaf-box to move the leaf from the grass. So much easier than the wheelbarrow.
Christmas was a small affair this year. We moved the tree to our living room, so it wasn’t tucked away under the stairs like before.
Somehow our roses are still blooming at Christmas, and no, they are not the Christmas kind.
Brothers playing with their gifts.